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Täydellinen ammattitason geelikynsisetti


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From all nail systems gel provides you with the best results. You will not be able to get the ultra shining and smooth surface with any other nail systems.
The gel system requires UV light to harden.
You can also use the set to strengthen your own nails.

The starter pack comes in a beautiful box which is designed store all your products.

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The starter pack contains:
1 36W UV lamp with 2 power settings and 4 UV tubes
100 nail tips
1 tip cutter
1 gels, clear
1 gel brush
1 topcoat
1 primer
1 glue
1 nail buffers
1 Professional files
1 gel wipe
1 buffer
1 guide (incl text and pictures)

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Nail prep
Nail prep Nail prep for removing of moisture and oil from the surface of the natural nail


Kynsinauhatyökalu, erinomainen apu kynsinauhojen hyvään hoitoon.


Wipe Pads
Wipe Pads Strong Cotton pieces to remove gel residue. 2 rows with 500 cotton wipes in each.


Nail Trainer
The perfect training tool. Now you can train to do nails when you have time and not be dependent on finding a friend who can help you. Nail Trainer is both Gel and Acrylic Dip in